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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Zeta Cartel & Review


Romance, violence, murder, and mayhem, all twisted together in off-beat, action packed stories featuring the Zeta Cartel in Mexico.


The Zeta Cartel Collection
By AJ Adams

This collection bundles together three complete novels: 
The Bonus, Songbird and Dirty Dealings.



Inside The Zeta Cartel Collection
#1 The Bonus

Chloe is a seasoned drug courier who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Facing a lingering and painful death at the hands of the Zetas, Mexico’s most brutal cartel, she persuades their enforcer to claim her. Has Chloe made a huge mistake, or will her choice prove her salvation - and his?


#2 Songbird 

 When cartel boss Arturo Vazquez discovers his girlfriend Gina is a DEA rat and his deputy Escamilla is staging a take-over, Arturo fixes his problems by killing everyone - except for Solitaire, Escamilla’s unwilling mistress. Solitaire is intelligent, tough, and shares Arturo’s interest in BDSM. Arturo falls head over heels but someone is leaking information - and the evidence point at Solitaire.


#3 Dirty Dealings

 Quique is having a bad time. Back in Mexico his marriage has fallen apart and his wife has made him a laughing stock. Now he’s in London and out of his depth with a complex commercial deal. Worse, Natalia Truelove, chef and pub manager, is blackmailing him. Quique is ready to commit murder and he’s pretty sure who his first victim will be.


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Review by Wendy:

The Bonus: Chloe was your run of the mill mule. She carried anything from drugs to expensive art for the best of them. One bad choice found her knocking at death's door for the umpteenth time. This time though there was a break and she made a run for it...right into the lap of Kyle. He took her as his "bonus" for what he'd done for his half brother Arturo. But something was different about this woman. Could he have feelings for her? Is there more to her once you peel away the horrors she's endured over the years? What happens when her past shows up? Can he sit back and watch? What is he feeling for her? Great read. Loved the characters and their story of basically healing each other. Chloe is one strong willed woman. Lots of action, little bit of sassy and lots of death! He protects his family...and many will find out they messed with the wrong family. Great start to the boxed set.

Songbird: Arturo is tired of being used and set up. Cue the latest traitor and enjoy her fate! It's time to start clearing up some loose ends and end a plot of takeover. Who knew that the woman Arturo was about to meet would catch his eye. Solitaire is sassy and smart and beautiful and about to become Arturo's. Is she just meant to be his toy? Who is the elusive Songbird? Can Arturo let down his defenses and trust this woman? Is she playing him? The second book in the set was even better than the first. The return of all of the characters. Great story line. Lots of mystery as you try to figure out who dares betray the family. Arturo has met his match with the feisty Solitaire.  

Dirty Dealings:  Natalia is not your average woman. A horrid past has given her an inner and outer strength one could only envy. Quique has met his match! When a hit goes wrong and a girl disappears, Natalia and Quique are thrown together. She needs help and he needs his watch back. Can these two work together? Can they get along with her attitude and his need to control? Can she ever get the family to stop laying their woes on her shoulders? Will a dirty cop and a mysterious threat be her end? This was a very well written book. It definitely had its violent moments and some suspense, but put it all together and it was hard to put down. Family protects family and Quique had issues to overcome and Natalia was by his side. So many "wow" moments. Such a great read and a great ending to this box set.



I live in Malaysia with Tom, my best friend for 25 years and married for almost as long. Aside from writing fiction, I write columns and features for newspapers and magazines.
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