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Tuesday, November 22, 2016



PM Barnes

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Take a deep breath, blow it out and repeat after me:
Sam (short for Samantha) finds herself single in a new city, unsure about what her relationship needs are but very sure that she needs someone to warm the other side of the bed.
After a rough and comical start in the wonderful world of online dating, she finally meets a man that opens her up in more ways than one.

Finally seeing what the possibilities are, Sam has to decide if she's ready for where this new found passion could go.

Find out what happens when you go looking for something you want and wind up getting exactly what you need.


I thoroughly enjoyed this little read, packed with so much real life emotions and fears. The story line is honest in its simplicity. No big drama, no chase scenes, no alpha male trying to get the lady he desires to submit to him. What you do get is the life of a survivor just trying to live their life as best as they can. You get the meeting of two people who just seem to click, both eventually opening themselves to the other. What you get is more than closure, it's the opening of oneself to life and maybe, just maybe, love. 

There is plenty of heat packed into these pages, so be prepared to get scorched. 

Great read!!!

Author Bio:

I'm a poet turned fiction writer, who also happens to be an avid reader and lover of the macabre.

I own a ridiculously large library of horror films and think that the more obscure, the better.
When I’m not reading or writing something, I’m generally out in search of crazy adventures with my husband. Our favorite places are the ones with good people, good beer and good chances to commune with nature (see skinny dipping).

In life and in my work, I’m always trying to better understand the magical thing that is the human condition.

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