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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Promise

*★**★*   IT'S LIVE   *★**★*



A promise is a promise is a promise…

Lily James has two loves outside of her family…Maverick Quinn and ballet. She’s a Dogs of Fire Motorcycle Club princess who has found her prince. But when faced with an agonizing truth, she must decide whether to pursue her dreams or protect the one she loves.

Maverick Quinn knows what he wants in life, and it all starts and ends with Lily James. He’s loved her since he was a boy and his love has only grown with age, but when she walks out of his life without warning, he questions their entire relationship.

When a threat from inside her family comes to light, he makes the ultimate sacrifice, because a promise is a promise is a promise.


"A promise is a promise is a promise" will stay embedded in my mind when I think about this book. It is an amazing read that begins by almost ripping your heart out, then turns into an amazing love story, that is filled with as much danger as it is with tender love and hot intimacy. I loved all of the characters in this book (with the exception of the bad guys), each were very well developed and so well written. 

The storyline was wonderful in that it began with something that was heartbreaking but turned into triumphant for the main female character, Lil. A truer love could not be found for her, but in the eyes of Lil, Maverick is that one true love. They are an amazing young couple and their story begins well before this story takes place. I adored this couple and loved their family. Maverick is an amazing young man, and being that both of them are part of a MC family, makes their storyline a tad bit different as they are both trying to have a future outside of the MC, that is until danger threatens Lil's very life and they are forced to "return" to the family of bikers. Maverick patches in so that he can gain all of the confidential information from the club to better protect the love of his life. 


I so love this book. Maverick and Lily were childhood sweethearts and each other’s "first" everything. From a young age they “promised” to always belong to each other. But childhood promises are not often kept as adulthood and life situations take over. Especially when life deals medical and heartbreak cogs in the plan. Not to mention, in true MC fashion, outside dangers also start to arise in their already shaken lives. 

Can Lily and Mav figure out a plan to make their life and childhood promises work? Will the past and club issues become “a thing” between them? This is an amazing wonderfully written story that will bring you to tears one minute and having you laughing the next. You will be glued to the pages as Lily and Mav take you on a very emotional and crazy ride known as their life! I offer a very well deserved 2 thumbs up and recommend you one click their story ASAP, you won’t be disappointed!


Just have to say first. Piper has a big hit on her hands. This was my favorite of the family of Dogs of War series. The stories continuing with the start of the Wolfpack (the kids of the Dogs) it was a great read. these books by Piper could be 100000 pages long and would still never be enough. The Love, laughter and romance are some of the best I have ever read.

Author Bio:

Piper Davenport writes from a place of passion and intrigue. Combining elements of romance and suspense with strong modern day heroes and heroines.

She currently resides in pseudonymia under the dutiful watch of the Writers Protection Agency.

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