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Monday, November 28, 2016

Stepdaddy Stripper with Reviews

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Stepdaddy Stripper
Cara Chance
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: November 28th
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It was only supposed to be an innocent girl’s night out with friends. How was I to know the sexy tattooed, bad boy I hooked up with was my soon to be Stepdaddy?

Gabe is hot as sin and his touch burns me in places no man’s ever been. I wanted him to be my first; I fantasized about how it would be, but now I need to keep my distance. I know how wrong my feelings for him are, but they won’t go away no matter how hard I try to suppress them.

He wants me and I don’t know how much longer I can resist him.



Gabe’s fingers move over to rest right over my slit. My hot pink satin panties are the only thing keeping him from fingering me right now. Oh my God. I grab my glass of ice water and chug it. I know my face is flushed bright red. I need to cool off the fire he’s set inside my pussy and drinking water’s not going to do it. I grip his wrist and remove his hand and push my chair back.

“I’m not feeling well,” I blurt out as I turn and walk from the room. I climb the stairs as quickly as I can and open the door to my old bedroom. It still looks like it did when I lived at home. I’m surprised my mom hasn’t turned it into something else by now. I lay down on my bed and tell myself to calm down, but it’s no use. My pussy is throbbing. I need to come and I can’t go back down there until I take care of it.

I undo the button on my shorts and quickly unzip them. My hand immediately slides down into my panties and moves back to my entrance. I’m so wet it’s dripping everywhere. I circle my finger around the outer edge of my pussy and then move up to play with my clit. I start out moving slowly around it, my eyes closed, imagining it’s Gabe’s thick fingers. I have to bite my lip to hold in my moans. The thought of him touching me like this has me so turned on, I know it won’t be long until I explode.

The bed dipping next to me has my eyes flying open and my mouth too. “Gabe what the hell are you doing here? Ever heard of knocking?”

He lays on his side facing me and leans on his elbow. “Here let me help you with that.” His hand slips inside my panties before I even realize what he’s doing. I can’t even object because the pleasure his touch brings me is so powerful it’s all I can think of. I’m totally consumed by his finger in my pussy and his thumb flicking over my clit.



Well now this was an interesting taboo read. Katie is enjoying a nice group strip act when her eyes lock with one of the dancers. When he approaches her and sneaks her off to a back room she gets excited about finally losing her v card. Will it finally happen or will fate once again interfere? A reluctant dinner with her mother brings her face to face with her mother's fiancé. Ut oh! Sit back and enjoy this read. It definitely took a twist I wasn't expecting. Will it be Gabe? Will it be Jesse? Will it be neither or both? A nice quick read that I enjoyed.


Sexy Novella! The storyline starts by us meeting Katie, a 21 year old virgin, and learning of her past struggles with men and getting the “deed” done.Then one night her and some friends go to a stripper show where one of the strippers sees her and wants her! He takes her to a private room where things get erotically steamy (Katie just knows it’s finally going to happen). But a back room fire has them quickly parting without exchanging names or numbers. A couple weeks later Katie’s mom invites her over to meet Gabe, her soon to be new “stepdaddy”. Yep you guessed it, Gabe turns out to be the stripper from the club! 

From there life for Katie starts getting very complicated. The twists and turns will have you laughing one minute and screaming in frustration the next. Will Katie and Gabe figure something out? Will Katie turn to Gabe’s best friend Jessie, who has also expressed an interest in Katie? What about Mom?

Erotic, funny with several twist and turns are a few of the features that make Stepdaddy Stripper is great novella.2 Thumbs Up!

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About the Author

Cara Chance loves reading sexy smut and decided to try her hand at her own stories. Always a guaranteed HEA. She loves writing the sexy taboo stories many are afraid to read in public.

She enjoys reading, writing, and loving life.

WARNING: Read her books in the privacy of your own home. Public reading may cause blushing, overheating, and wetness from intensely HOT sex scenes.

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