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Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Cowboy's Midnight Kiss - Review

A Cowboy's Midnight Kiss


Such a wonderful lovely story about love forsaken, only to be opened to the possibility of a new and better love. These characters are well written, right down to the two children in the story. All of the characters are so likeable, well except for the ex-husband, but you tend to forget about him after meeting Griff. He is one hot cowboy and will have you wishing to have one for your very own. 

The storyline, though beginning with a bit of heartbreak with the end of a marriage, is light and free flowing. It is a very pleasant read that will make your think of a Hallmark Christmas movie. And don't we all love those! 


Just what the doctor ordered.. Oh wait in this case the tall, sexy cowboy “might” just be what her best friend ordered, or at least thinks she needs. Sadly for our heroine of the story, Cassidy, her marriage has ended in divorce and she’s at a loss for what she wants to do or where to go to basically start over. With Christmas just around the corner she agrees to go on a ski/mountain get-away with her BFF and her BFF’s daughter. I don’t do spoilers and with the story being a novella, I’ll just say this a well written exciting novella about starting over. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters, including Griff’s adorable little Nephew. 

I love this face-paced romantic story with bits of humor and sadness thrown it. 2 thumbs up and I Highly recommend this heartwarming story for a cold winter night!



She lost her drawl and traded her 501s for Roberto Cavalli, but she’s still a simple Carolina country girl at heart... 

Cassidy Cantrell sacrificed her own dreams to become the wife of a world renowned heart surgeon. But eight years later, she knows it’s over. Divorced from the man of her mother's dreams - Cass has to face up to the fact it's time to move on. Looking to get away to a place where she can reclaim herself, she accepts an invitation to spend the holidays at a posh ski resort. But almost the minute Cassidy lands in Jackson Hole, she breaks a boot heel, sprains her ankle, and gets swept off her feet by a smoking-hot, blue-eyed Rancher. 

He never could have imagined his soul mate would show up in stiletto heeled boots... 

Jilted by his fiancée a couple years ago, Wyoming rancher Griffin Stone splits his time between a family ranch and managing investment properties in the ski resort town of Jackson. But something is missing. After placing his own desires on hold to look after his military brother's family, Griff longs for happiness of his own. But a rich, city girl from Florida who sprains her ankle after her boot heel breaks? 

"Sweetheart, boots like that are only good for one thing...and it sure ain't walkin.'"

He thinks he has the city girl all figured out, but the more he learns about her past, the more he believes she just might be the woman of his dreams. 

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