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Friday, October 21, 2016


Title: Dare, In Safe Hands: Book Two
Author: S.M. Shade
Genre: New Adult Contemporary


I hear him.
His deep voice and rumbling laugh. The bang of the headboard slamming the wall and fake screams from yet another woman. Derek is a pile of muscle and ink, a bad boy fantasy only a few layers of wood and plaster away. It’s all I expect or want him to be.
Until that irresistible voice begins talking to me.

I hear her.
The clicking of her fingers on a keyboard, her music or TV playing in the background. Her musical laugh and soft cries of pleasure, accompanied by a low, steady buzz. Ayda is a good girl who keeps to herself, and I have no business pursuing her, but I’m not a man known for doing the right thing.
I’m an ex-con. I’m a criminal.
And I want her.

This is book two in the In Safe Hands Series and can be read as a standalone.

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