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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Catch

Release Blitz
Title: The Catch
Release Date: September 15, 2016
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Sassy, voluptuous Paisley Parker has always been a woman on a mission. First, it was to make a name for herself as a BBW burlesque dancer in New York, and now it's to become Manager Extraordinaire of The Factory, a members only lifestyle club in Ocean City, Maryland. When Cap and Leah Sheldon hand over the reins, Paisley's first task is to hire a web development company to create a new website for the club.
That's when she meets Calvin Mitchell, who is anything but the computer geek she imagined he would be. Tall, dark, and hotter than the beach on the 4th of July, he agrees to build her website, but he's bent on building something else, too: a serious relationship.
Paisley has sworn off relationships, preferring the ease and simplicity of lifestyle hookups. Plus, there's the age difference: she's 36, he's 26. But when Paisley's past comes back to haunt her, Calvin seems like the only port in the storm. When he devotes himself to helping her, she sees him in a completely new light, leading her to wonder...
Is Calvin the catch Paisley didn't even know she was fishing for?
***Intended for Mature Readers 18+*** This book is a standalone spinoff of Fisher of Men

Review by Wendy
What an exquisite story. Paisley has a screwed up past but has overcome it and is fast becoming a successful assistant operations manager at a swingers club. Calvin has the cookie cutter life, but is intrigued by the curvy and older Paisley. Can she let her guard down and let him in? Will the lifestyle difference and age and race be a problem? What happens when he past comes back to wreak havoc on her present? Can Calvin help or will she do things her own way? Will she lose her new family to her secrets? Loved the book, loved the characters, loved the suspense and the romance. Had some serious hot sex scenes too. A good read. 

Review by Kathy
What an intriguing read!! It took a little while to really get into this story, but when it opened up, it really took off. I really loved Paisley's character. She was such a strong, curvy, beautiful woman who despite her horrible past, managed to pull herself up and make something of herself, despite the wall she managed to build around herself, especially her heart. Calvin is a sweetheart! He's the kind of man you wish every man would be. He is strong, not only physically but emotionally and morally. He has a strong sense of family and will not do anything to go against his own virtues. The rest of the characters are so well developed and so well written that they were a joy to meet. The storyline, the true storyline, was painful to read as it delved into Paisley's past. Once her past catches up to her, the story takes on a life of it's own as she tries to protect those she has come to care about. It becomes fast paced, intriguing, exciting and a bit nail biting. And without giving anything away...I absolutely loved how the author tied up the ending with a pretty bow! (I love when they do that). This is also one hot as hell read. If you enjoy reading about swingers, this is your book as well! 

Author Bio:
Washington DC based author Phoebe Alexander experienced a second coming of age in her early thirties that ushered in a thirst for exploration, both intellectual and sexual. With encouragement from her partner and blog readers, she published her first novel on 12-12-12 and hasn't looked back.
Phoebe's novels feature compelling plots intertwined with passionate, fiery encounters. She believes that real, relatable characters can have even steamier sex than billionaires, rock stars, and the young and lithe-bodied. She also advocates for ethical non-monogamy and sex-positive attitudes through her writing.
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