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Sunday, September 25, 2016

T. Lee Hunt

Meet The Author


T Lee is a mother of two, currently residing in Toronto, Ontario she is a poetess and a writer. She has two poems featured in Author Poet, Elias Raven's book titled; "The Painted Shadows", and in Author Poet, Sharon Johnson’s book titled; “The Eclectic Poet & Friends. T Lee has published her own collections of poetry titled "Love Undone" and “Warrior Women Poetry.”Recently she published herfirst novel Bridget. Currently she is working on book II of Bridget titled Bridget’s Reflection.

 T  has a secret addiction to zombie movies, books and subtitled horror movies, "The Walking Dead" is one of her favorite series of all times, and when she is not searching for new zombie or horror movies she loves anything to do with Egypt or Greece.



Bridget awakens one morning to a new life, discovering she is an empath, explaining her years of pain, depression and her “sense of knowing.” Connor, a warrior empath comes into her life bringing her into a world that she never knew existed. She learns of prophesy about a child of the light who can heal. Danger comes from all directions, determined to bring extinguish her light. Lukas, an energy eater who becomes obsessed vaults into her existence, precluding real change. She emerges stronger and more capable then anyone realized, who will she choose? Connor, full of light or Lukas, eaten up with darkness.



Warrior Women, Poetry Collection comprises a compilation of poetry from many different talented authors who have donated their time and energy to create words that can help other women to see that they are not alone and to help them find strength. Featuring poetry by: T Lee Hunt, Sharon Johnson, Teesa MeeLea Winkelman, Zarah Rhodes, Deanna Power, Zorha Edwards, Paulie Dee, Alison Caruso and Amber Escalera

LINKAmazon: myBook.to/WarriorWomen


Love Undone Poetry is designed to bring you into a world of awakening and a woman discovering herself through a year of poetry, using imagery and emotional connection, the hope is that you too will learn you're not alone and also have a voice...


1. When and why did you begin writing?  
I began writing in 2014 August, I was in an abusive relationship and I had not found my voice yet, between writing about Bridget and my poetry, I found myself healing and the strength I needed to speak up.

2. When did you first consider yourself a writer? 
I considered myself a writer when I published Love Undone Poetry.

3. Do you plot out your books on paper? Or seat of your pants? 
I am a seat of the pants author, I will be sitting there and these ideas start firing away in my brain.

4. Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? 
Some of it is based on me and my experiences in life, especially my poetry.

5. What books have most influenced your life? 
Stephen King’s “The Stand” is one. I have so many that I hold close to my heart.

6. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? 
Actually, if I had to choose it would be Trenda T Bird London, she is my content editor and has really helped me blossom as a writer.

7. What book are you reading now? 
I am reading “The Surrender of Luella” by Jen Lassalle Edwards.

8. What are your current projects? 
I am working on Bridget’s Reflection and I am considering a story comprised of vignettes.

9. Do you see writing as a career? 
I write because I have to get the voices out.

10. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in writing? 
Editing, I hate it. I struggle also with every sentence I write.

11. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? 
Darynda Jones is one of my favorites, I Love her writing and her visual explosions.

12. Do you have any advice for other writers? 
Start writing and worry about editing later.

13. Which of your books do you like the most? 

14. Do you get nervous when you publish a book?
Oh yes!

Fun Questions:

Favorite food? 
Burger & fries

Favorite time of day?

What do you do to relax? 
Write, read, go to the gym, watch movies and listen to music.

Favorite color?

Cats or dogs?

Favorite music genre? 

What questions would you like to ask your readers? 
Was it visual enough? 
What character moved you?

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