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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kane Caldwell


The Edge Series

Book 1

I’m not your good ole boy or boy-next-door type of guy.  If that’s what you’re looking for, I suggest you move on. 

I curse a lot, work too fucking much, and keep to myself. My edges are hard, rough, and even dark at times.
I never thought I would wind up in the business I’m in. I may not always play by the rules, but I go where the money is, keep my nose clean, and my affairs organized.

Who knew one fucking e-mail would change everything in my controlled life. I swore I’d never touch a case like hers again, but there was something intriguing behind every word I read. She had my attention, she would have my services, but I never thought she’d steal my heart.

My name is Chase Black, owner of Dark Edges PI.

 I’m your good girl and I once had everything. 
A big beautiful house with a view of gorgeous mountains, an expensive car, stress-free job, a wardrobe any woman would die for, but one thing was missing… the ever-absent husband. I never expected to be in the position I’m in, but I needed answers. I sent one e-mail thinking I would figure it all out. It wasn’t the route I intended to take. The life I’d been living was a lie and he gave me the answers I needed. What happened next I wasn’t prepared for. He had my information, he took the case, but I never thought he’d capture my heart.

My name is Naomi McAllister, owner of a broken heart.  

This is our story… Warning- 18+ Only   Amazon Universal link- myBook.to/DarkEdgesKCaldwell


  BLURRED EDGES The Edge Series


  Book 2 Coming Soon!
  Copyright 2016 © Kane Caldwell

I lived my life hard, fast and with precise control, exactly the way I liked to fuck. I don’t take orders, I give them, that’s just how I am. I had the perfect life, a thriving business and a new piece of ass in my bed whenever I wanted.  That was until she told me she was pregnant, then everything changed.  

I’d spent months preparing our dream home and endless nights talking to my unborn child. I thought I had it all in the palm of my hands until one fateful night everything slipped through my fingers, only to blur the edges of my life.  Now, all I was left with was rage living deep within my bones that I thought would never leave.

That was until…she came crashing into my world.  Life was going to be different, challenges that’d overwhelmed us from the beginning were going to be solved. Little did I know, it would only get worse in other areas of life, which had me wondering if we’d made the right move. Then one tragic night changed the path of my future.   As I began to pick up the pieces of my shattered world and move on, it all started to crumble as bits of his secret life began to surface. And something was lurking behind the darkness, haunting me at every turn. I feared for my life. I thought I’d never feel safe again.

That was until…he came storming into my world.    Warning- 18+ Only Add it to you TBR list- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31440543-blurred-edges

  Meet the Author  

I’m Kane Caldwell, a contemporary/erotica Author. Writing had started years ago as a hobby but quickly turned into a passion. I am the epitome of a country boy with my jeans, t-shirt, hat (No, not a cowboy hat. Lol), scruffy face, and work boots on, driving my truck and definitely not a guy you'd picture writing erotic romance. I’m in my mid-forties but my mind tells me differently along with keeping up with my two awesome teenage boys. I live in the south where the weather is warm but most times sweltering hot. When I have down time, I love to be surrounded by family, friends, great food, or engrossed in a good book. And of course, putting my erotic imagination to work, bringing you stories of love, lust and everything in-between.  

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Sirens Interview with Kane Caldwell

1. When and why did you begin writing?                   
I started a few years back when I began to have more time to myself. And since then, I highly enjoy sitting down and bringing my stories to readers.          
2. When did you first consider yourself a writer?
Honestly, I really don’t consider myself a writer, a storyteller perhaps. Lol! Who knows, maybe after a few published books I will.
3. Do you plot out your books on paper? Or seat of your pants?
I usually plot them out, starting with a basis of the story and characters but there’s always a time that they take over and it comes to flying by the seat of my pants.   
4. Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
Like always, I try to advert this very question but it comes up a lot. Lol! All of my male characters have some of me flowing through them and yes, there are a few instances in my book that has happened in my life.
5. What books have most influenced your life?
Hmm, that’s a hard one. There’s not a book or books that have influenced my life.
6. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Harper Bentley without a doubt. She’s not only a talented author but an amazing person too.
7. What book are you reading now?
At the moment, nothing but I do have a ton that I purchased in the past few months and hoping to find time to read them soon.         
8. What are your current projects?
Right now, I am working on book two in The Edge Series.         
9. Do you see writing as a career?
To be able to call it my career would be awesome but even if it came to that point, I would definitely see it as a career I highly enjoy. LOL!    
10.  Is there anything you find particularly challenging in writing?
Besides trying to find the time to actually write, maybe when my characters decide to take me off the beaten path of where I intended the story to go.

11.    Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
This is gonna make me sound like an ass but, I don’t have a favorite author. There are plenty of authors that I enjoy reading, including ones I’ve seen in the indie book world.

12.    Do you have any advice for other writers?
Do not doubt yourself or your writing and publish your work because you never know   what’s on the other side until you try.

13.    Which of your books do you like the most?
Well, since I only have one published right now, I’ll have to say that one, Dark Edges. But...I do have plans for a few in the future that I am pretty fucking excited to write.
14.    Do you get nervous when you publish a book?
I didn’t think I would but I slightly did, in fear of what people would think of the book.                           

Fun Questions:

Favorite food? 
Pizza, unless I’m cooking then it would be ribs.

Favorite time of day? 

What do you do to relax? 
Spend time with my boys ‘cause no matter what a shit day it was, they always make me smile and forget about the day.

Favorite color? 

Cats or dogs? 

Favorite music genre? 
I like all kinds but favorite, Country.

What questions would you like to ask your readers?
There’s too many of those and I couldn’t just pick one. What I’d like to say is, THANK YOU, thank you for giving me a shot and sticking with me. All your support is truly appreciated and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you all. 


  1. This is a great interview. Kane is a phenomenal person all around. He has proven himself to be a fabulous writer and his personality is top notch. Kane is they kind of person I would love to hang out with sometime, shoot the shit, have a beer or three with and crank up the country jams.

    K from K's Kinky & Classy Books

  2. Fantastic interview. Anxious for Blurred Edges. Mwah Kane!

  3. Fantastic interview. Anxious for Blurred Edges. Mwah Kane!

  4. Great interview Kane! I loved DE and I'm anxiously waiting for BE to be released. Congratulations on your success.
    See you on the crazy train. Laura

  5. Another awesome interview... and that's why Kane Caldwell has earned the love and respect of his loyal readers in such record time. The unpretentious demeanor to which he presents himself, is so inviting and very genuine, making us all feel very comfortable to be around. How wonderful of you Sexy Sirens Book Blog, to pave the way for this fine author...with such an amazing opportunity to expose his work. :)