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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

JF Silver


Meet the Author

“The most adorable middle-aged couple you can possibly imagine are actually secret smut peddlers.” HUH? That’s what lifestyle website nerve.com, wrote about us last year. Okay, here’s where the lines between fact and fiction get a little blurry. How does a fifty-something grandfather become a published erotica author? Well, a few years ago, for my wife’s birthday I decided to give her something special. So, I wrote an erotic story, a sexy fantasy about us. She loved it and was truly inspired. Immediately, she suggested I write a second story, one about ‘us’ meeting another couple. But, she also offered the idea of using our middle names, yup, Joe and Elaine, instead of our real ones. The “Average Joe” title was hers, too. To this day, she feeds me ideas for wild and new sexual scenarios. In a field where most authors and by far, most readers are female, she also helps me keep the stories, “women friendly.” She truly is my ‘muse’ and I honestly couldn’t or wouldn’t do this without her. We just finished our fourth book, “Life’s Too Short,” and it’s definitely the hottest one yet! We’ve been married 38 years and are living proof that it really does get better with age.

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Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe
(Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe #1)
By J.f. Silver

Can sex really get better with age? 

For Joe and Elaine, an average couple married a long time, the answer is definitely yes! After thirty years together they begin experimenting with others and discover a whole new world of pleasure. An unexpected three-way leaves them curious and wanting more. When Elaine suggests a search for playmates, they meet John and his sexy Asian wife, Mika. Sparks ignite from the start for the women and two lucky husbands get to come along for the ride. Things get hotter with each visit and as fantasies are fulfilled, the couples become much more than just friends, proving that age is just a number.


Nothing Gray About Fifty 
(Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe #2)
By J.f. Silver

Just how close can two happily married couples become? 

Joe and Elaine, along with their “friends with benefits,” Mika and John, return for the second helping of “Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe.” Away from the bedroom, the four souls share mutual pleasures while discovering new and exciting passions. Another fantasy is fulfilled when a night out results in a sexy surprise reunion with a very special friend. But things really heat up as the couples begin celebrating birthdays together. Age is just a number but hitting the half century mark has never been hotter than this.


Along For the Ride 
(Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe #3)
By J.f. Silver

While celebrating a year of incredible fun together, Elaine proposes a new challenge for Joe and their friends, Mika and John. Each gets to choose an activity they’re passionate about and the other three must come along for the ride. How far out of your comfort zone would you go for your friends? Later, when a financial crisis threatens to postpone a much anticipated birthday party, the four lovers face a tough decision. Will their string of celebrating special milestones be broken? And what happens when Joe and Elaine are tempted by masked strangers at a sizzling Halloween Ball? 

Find out in Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe’s sexiest adventure yet!



By JF. Silver 

Besties Elaine and Mika writing a book? About orgasms?
 You just know the research will be fun. 

When Mika asks her friend to diffuse a difficult situation at Christmas, will Elaine help or add more fuel to the flames? Sexy trivia games, a hot Skype session and a wild casino night are just a few of the new adventures this time around. Oh, and Joe takes his best friend fishing. The fun loving couples from Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe return with a new attitude: 




Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe return in their most tempting tale yet!

Best friends Elaine and Mika as sex educators? When their book is a hit, the two couples take San Francisco by storm during an unforgettable tour. The ladies love sharing their fantasy filled advice with the world and soon, more offers pour in. John and Mika also surprise their friends by treating them to a decadent evening at a legendary sex club. How far will Joe and Elaine go when anything is possible? This sexy research brings about a hot, new fantasy, one that’s never happened before. A weekend in Wine Country is the perfect setting but, can Elaine convince their husbands to play along? As always, the friends and lovers help each other through life, loss, beginnings and exciting New Temptations. 

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Interview with Sirens

1.  When and why did you begin writing? 
I started writing shortly after my 50th birthday in 2007. You might say I was a late bloomer. I decided to try writing something erotic for my wife,  whose birthday was three weeks later. I wrote a short fantasy about the two of us going out and bringing a waitress home for a threesome. She  liked it, a lot, and suggested I write another. I’ve been scribbling them out ever since.            
2. When did you first consider yourself a writer?                   
For years, I wrote these stories as a hobby, just for my wife and I to enjoy. We put together fantasies about Halloween, Christmas and  vacations for about five years, never really intending to share them. In 2012, we finally decided to try publishing. I did a lot of research and  rewriting for almost a year, forming the stories into a narrative. In November, 2013, I was offered a contract for Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe. That was  the moment I really considered myself a writer. I even had a pen name!                   

3. Do you plot out your books on paper? Or seat of your pants?                 
No, they mostly happen in my head, or my wife’s. She helps a lot with ideas. I do keep little piles of notes around and I often pull up copies of  the earlier books to reference. Our story evolves over years and I sometimes can’t remember details. Five books into the series, these characters  have experienced a lot and we want to keep introducing new ideas and fantasies. For example: last year, my wife suggested we highlight the “John”  character a little more in, “Life’s Too Short.” We fit that into the story and it continues in our latest, “Last Temptations.” The story is always evolving  and really fun to write. 

4. Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?    Every writer puts some of themselves into their work. “Write what you know.” That’s what I was told a long time ago. I would describe our  stories as, “biographical fiction.” Early on, my wife suggested using our middle names for the series’ title characters. Sharing sexual fantasies has  been the main idea from the beginning and ours are out there for the world to read about. Most, I stress, most, are purely fantasy. Many are also  true and we write from personal experience. Which? We’ll leave that for the readers to ponder. 

5. What books have most influenced your life?                  
In high school, a long time ago, a teacher recommended, “Slaughterhouse Five,” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. The thing is, he couldn’t teach it. It had  the “F-word” and was banned at our school. Small town, 1974. The county library had it. I liked it, a lot, and looked for more. That was an  important book but it was, “Cat’s Cradle” that really blew my mind. Maybe my favorite novel ever. Much like the characters in our stories, we also  enjoy some spiritual things. Eckhart Tolle’s, “A New Earth,” was one we loved. My wife adores the “Conversations With God” series by Neale Donald  Walsch. She buys copies at yard sales and used book stores to share with others.             
6. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?    
I have to give this honor to the wonderful, Carol Lynne. This author of over 150 titles was the first person to receive my manuscript at Stiff  Rain Press in 2013. She helped me through every step of the process and was a dream to work with. Carol also gave me realistic advice about what  to expect as far as royalties, social media and dealing with reviews, both good and bad. Last year when Stiff Rain closed, she helped again when I  changed publishers. I had the privilege of meeting her at GRL in 2014 and always look forward to her blog posts. She’s very special to me.                       

7. What book are you reading now?                
As I write this, there’s nothing. I’ve been so busy since spring with a major move and getting settled in a new city but mostly, finishing “New  Temptations.” I have been doing a little reading, though. In the bathroom, we have a Colorado Travel Guide. We just moved here and there’s a lot  we haven’t seen so I spend a few quality minutes with that each morning. After coffee, of course. Too much information?             

8. What are your current projects?                
I literally just finished a book yesterday. We have the next one planned and a title, “Elaine’s Island.” That’s all it will need, trust me. But,  we’re taking a break from writing for a little while. We have editing and cover art to do on “New Temptations,” so we’ll be working on getting that  one out. I’m really excited about it.               

9. Do you see writing as a career?                
I would love it. Every writer would but it’s not easy. When I got that e-mail saying, “Congratulations, we want to publish your book,” I was  bouncing off the walls. I was going to be a famous author! Well, I’m still working on it. Especially with erotica, there are so many of us out there  trying to get our little slice of the market. I go back to Question 6 above and the advice Carol gave me: someone bought your book! Be happy!  That’s my attitude. Oh, and I love reviews! Who knows? Maybe our little tale of two fifty-something, polyamorous, bisexual couples will be a best  seller someday.               

10. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in writing?                Many things about writing challenge me. For our story, with so many sex scenes, it’s a big challenge to keep them fresh and not repetitive.  I’ve given myself a big challenge for next year. After the next Mr. and Mrs. story, (Number 6) we’re going to take a break and start something new.  It will be a sci-fi that’s been brewing in our minds for quite some time. And, yes, this will be written with my wife, probably even more than we  currently do. That does not meant the end of Joe and Elaine, though. They’ll always be around in some fashion.                  

11. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?               
Let’s return to Question 5 for a minute. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. had a very simple style and some of his best books were barely a hundred pages.  Yet, each time I read them, I can still get something different from it.             
12. Do you have any advice for other writers?               
Yes, I could make a list. Write it. Just write it. Let someone you trust read it and take criticism or advice for what it is: someone wanting to  help. I let a friend read an early copy of our first and he liked it. He also said, “You’re sentences run on and on too much.” He was right and I fixed  that. This is a big one: find a good editor. There are many who are there to help make your book as good as it can be. I’ve been fortunate to work  with two great ones who have really helped my writing. Be grateful that you have a book to share with the world and don’t worry about the money.               
13. Which of your books do you like the most?                
To me, they’re like children. Each has its charms and I love them all. It would be impossible to pick but right now, I’m quite proud of the new  things we added in book 5. I think my writing gets better with each and I have favorite parts from all of them. They’re my babies.                 
14. Do you get nervous when you publish a book?                
Yes, nervous, anxious and excited. It’s evolved through the five books, though. At first, it was all new. Now, I have people waiting and can’t  wait to hear how they like it. I’m hoping we can get through the edits quickly so “New Temptations” can be released. It’s way overdue.          

Fun Questions:      

Favorite food?                
I love Italian but have to go with pizza. Thin crust, sausage, onions and extra cheese.            

Favorite time of day?             
Depends on the day of the week but afternoons before dinner are usually productive.              
What do you do to relax?               
Listening to music and playing the drums. My big drum set is still in Wisconsin but I have hand drums to play. They were described in our third  book, “Along For the Ride.” Actually, these are kind of like my children, too.             
Favorite color?             
Red, but a specific shade. From the cover of our first book, Mika’s Kimono Red                  
Cats or dogs?             
We’ve had both and loved them but I’ll choose dogs.                 
Favorite music genre?                  
This is very hard, believe it or not. Right now, I’m loving things best described as, “alternative country?” I’ll never go full-on Nashville but I love  stuff like Ryan Adams, Wilco and Band of Horses. I guess I’ve mellowed through the years from a 70’s metal head to a Grandpa playing a djembe.  But, I’ll be rockin’ until my last breath.               
What questions would you like to ask your readers?              
Oh, I like this one! Okay readers: through five books, Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe have done just about everything that’s sexually possible. We  have ideas but let’s hear yours: what fantasy should Joe, Elaine, John and Mika try next? 

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