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Friday, September 2, 2016

FrostBite - #1 in The Hunter Chronicles

#1 The Hunter Chronicles
By: Claire Marta


Jasmine Hunter is a rookie agent working for the covert Supernatural Department of Scotland Yard. 

Being kidnapped with a co-worker is the last thing she’s expecting from only two months in a job she loves. She is even more unprepared for the sparks that fly between her and one of their captors, especially when her unique senses are screaming he isn’t human. 

Eric is a vampire, deep undercover with centuries of secrets. He has no time for distractions, yet he can’t seem to get the feisty female out of his head, nor the hungering desires she evokes within him. 

Forced to work together, they must stop the diabolical plans of Marcel Coupe – the French arms dealer responsible for her abduction. As time starts to run out can they save themselves and Paris from disaster? Or will the sizzling attraction between them be their downfall? 

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Author Bio:

I am a mother of one and live in Rome Italy with my Husband. I have always loved to write and get lost in imaginary worlds. Frostbite is the first book i have ever wanted to get published. I love paranormal romance books and i really hope you enjoy my contribution to the genre! It has been fun coming up with my own world and characters.

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