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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Faith Gibson - Interview

Author Faith Gibson

  There’s a new species of shapeshifter in town…
 The Gargoyle Shapeshifters!

 The Stone Society:
a new world filled with Bad Ass shifters 
and the mates who love them! 

RAFAEL, Book 1

Raphael Stone is the King of the Gargoyle shapeshifters. His family, The Stone Society, has ruled the Americas for over seven hundred years. As an architect, he has spent the last thirty years helping to rebuild New Atlanta since the near Apocalypse. As King of the Gargouille, he has spent those same thirty years protecting his city from the dregs of society.

Kaya Kane is the New Atlanta Chief of Police. At thirty-six, not only is she the youngest, but also the first female Chief the city has ever had. She has dedicated her life to keeping her city safe. When a multiple homicide brings her face to face with the elusive Rafael Stone, her life will never be the same.

Rafael’s kind has never mated with a human but just speaking to Chief Kane on the telephone nearly brings him to his knees. Kaya has given up on ever having a relationship other than her career. When the two meet, sparks fly. Literally. Can Rafael give in to the fact that Kaya’s human? Can she overlook the evidence pointing to Rafael as the killer?

GREGOR, Book 2

Gregor Stone is a full-blood Gargoyle and the Warden at the New Atlanta Penitentiary.  He spends his days running the prison and his nights looking for Unholy. With the recent discovery that Gargoyles can mate with humans, there is new hope for his kind. Gregor has found his mate, but there’s one problem: she hates him. He believes his happily ever after is still just a fairy tale. 

Tessa Blackmore is Trouble with a capital T and has been since she was a baby. Tessa is a half-blood. Her father is a Gargoyle and her mother is human. The half-bloods have hidden themselves from the Gargoyles for centuries. Now that Tessa has found her mate in a full-blood, will she continue to hide, or will she give in to the pull of the mate bond?

Tessa is running from her past and the madman hell bent on catching her. As he and his army close in, Tessa is forced to turn to the one man she has tried to avoid for years: her mate.

DANTE, Book 3

Dante  Di Pietro   is   the  New Atlanta   Medical   Examiner.   Over 500  years old,   Dante   has resigned to  living  his   life  alone until  he finds   his   mate,   the pretty doctor he  is  working closely  with  at  the   prison.  She is  well  aware   of   the   fact that   Dante  is a  Gargoyle. She herself   is   a  half-blood  who   comes from   the   Original   line   of shifters.   Isabelle  Sarantos’ life has  not  been  easy. When she   was  12, her  parents   sent her  to live with  a   foster  family, hiding   the  truth  of  what   she  is. Now, 20  years later,   Isabelle’s  life   has  been   thrown  into another   tailspin.  Not only   has  she  just   found out   she’s  a  half-blood   shifter,   but  the   fates  have decided  Isabelle  is the   perfect  mate   for the sexy Medical Examiner.  Isabelle is   not   only   guarding  her   heart,  but  a secret from  her past  that  may take   care   of  any   feelings  Dante   has for  her.

FREY, Book 4

Frey Hartley  is the   biggest  and  baddest Gargoyle in the Stone Society. He’s a soldier, helicopter pilot, boxer, martial artist, and owner of Lion Hart Dojo and Gym.  For almost six   hundred years, Frey has spent his life protecting   humans while secretly   praying for a family. Some of  his Clan are finding   their mates, but the fates aren’t making it easy on   any of them.

Frey finds his mate in  Abbi Quinn. She’s a former ballet dancer, teacher, sister, and abused wife. When Frey meets the beautiful yet subdued Abbi,  the pull between them is   undeniable. He vows to find the smile hidden beneath her pain, to give her back her dreams, to see her dance.  He will do whatever it takes to rescue her from the hands of  her husband, even if it means putting  his own   dreams on hold.


Nikolas Stone might not have the most exciting job in the Stone Society, but it is one of the most important. As archivist, he is the keeper of all things Gargoyle. When Nik uncovers the truth about Gargoyles being able to mate with humans, he not only saves his species, he also stumbles upon his own mate. Sophia Brooks is the cute librarian who helped Nik gather his research about the Gargoyle who first mated with humans. When Nik goes back to the library to see Sophia, she has left him a note and disappeared.

Sophia Brooks waited 3 years for Nikolas Stone to figure out who she is. Just when a life with her mate is finally within her grasp, her parents have been kidnapped. Sophia races off to Egypt to find them, praying that the secrets in those ancient tombs will lead her to her family. If only she wasn't leaving behind her dream of being with the hot Gargoyle.

Nik has a different plan. His mate will not be alone in this, or anything else, ever again. Nik travels to Egypt to locate Sophia and her missing parents. What happens next is a mix of action, adventure, a crazy camel, comedy, and of course, hot sex.

JASPER, Book 6

Jasper Jenkins was a solitary Gargoyle, feeling like he didn’t truly belong to a clan, until he moved to New Atlanta and joined the Stone Society. Now that he’s finally settling in, his past has reared its evil Gargoyle head and is targeting those around him, including the quirky M.E.’s assistant who happens to be his mate.

Trevor McKenzie’s life is no stranger to heartache and loneliness. His insecurities began when he found out he was cloned just in case his brother needed spare parts. As danger closes in, his boss confides in him that the “badass club” of gorgeous men he is surrounded by is really a Clan of Gargoyles. When he finds out he’s the chosen mate of the man he considers his best friend, the most gorgeous of the badasses, his insecurities multiply. Trevor must decide if Jasper’s love is real or merely a product of the mate bond.

Reaching back to his warrior roots, Jasper will stop at nothing to protect his mate as well as his Clan.

Warning: This book contains a relationship between a very male Gargoyle and very male human.

SIXX, Book 7

When Michael “Sixx” Gentry lost control of the beast inside, he walked away from the best thing to happen to hi years.

Twenty-four years later, someone points out that Sixx has a doppelgänger. When he hears the man’s name, Sixx realizes twenty-four years too late that the best thing to ever happen to him had been pregnant with his son when he walked away.

Sixx makes the trip across the country to face someone more terrifying than any Gargoyle he’s ever come up against – the mate he left behind. Desirae Rothchild, love of his life and mother to his son, is one feisty human. When she learns the truth of why Sixx left, will she forgive him? Hell, will she even believe him?

If Desirae were his only obstacle, Sixx might be successful in his journey. But when the Greek King is hell bent on seeking retribution, Sixx’s family is caught in the cross-fire. Sixx and Desirae must work together with the help of his Clan to save the one person who means everything to them both – their son.

Book 7 in the Stone Society takes you from New Atlanta across the country to California where you are reunited with familiar faces as well as introduced to new ones.

The Music Within Series


Hot M/M Rocker Romance Series


Taggart Lee has it all.
Everything except love.

Tag is the jaded lead singer for 7’s Mistress, the biggest rock band in the world. After fifteen years in the business, he’s drowning in it all. When tragedy strikes, he takes a break from the road and the monotony his life has become. When he meets a gorgeous man on a park bench, he sees his lifeline.

Dr. Erik Henrikson thought he’d met the one.

He had.

The wrong one.

A year after his breakup, he still has a lock on his heart. Then he meets Lee, someone whose life has just been turned upside down. When he finds out Lee’s true identity, Erik throws away the key.

Tag has two weeks to make the doctor want him. He has three months to prove he won’t hurt him.

Tragedy brings them together.

Lies and betrayal push them apart.

Is love enough to deliver them?

*This book contains explicit sexual acts between two men. Two very hot men.


Fifteen Years…

For fifteen years, Cade Anderson, drummer for the world-famous rock band 7’s Mistress, has been in love with his best friend, the band’s lead singer. Even though it’s been years since they were lovers, Cade still wants the man. When his best friend falls in love with someone else, life as Cade knows it is over. The band breaks up and Cade has to figure out how to move on.

Ten Years…

For ten years, Mal Wilson has hidden who he really is from the small-minded people of Arlo, Kentucky. The family farm is dwindling down to nothing, and the bar he owns is draining him dry. When it looks like he’s going to lose both, Mal has to figure out where to go from here.

Three Months…

For three months, Cade has been drinking and f*cking his way across the country, trying to forget about his former friend and lover. When he finds himself at a redneck joint in the middle of nowhere, he is drawn to the handsome roughneck tending bar. Something in the man stirs Cade for the first time in years.

One Night…

When Mal ends up in a hotel room with the handsome blond man who sat in his bar for hours, the man asks for one night together. When Mal wakes up, he knows that one night will never be enough, but it has to be.

Two men…

One musician, rich and famous, out and proud of his sexuality. One cowboy, poor as the dirt under his boots, hiding who he is from the world. It’ll never work. Or will it?

Release Me is a love story between a hard rockin' drummer and a hard workin' cowboy.

Sweet Things


A Sweet Things Story 

Annie Mae Dalton’s professional life is pretty sweet. Her bakery, Sweet Things, is doing really well. Her personal life has been almost non-existent. Until now. What happens when not one but three men from her past come storming in at the same time?

FBI Agent Marcus Anders and Atlanta PD Detective Scott O’Malley are on the hunt for a kidnapper that takes them both back to their hometown of Clarksville, Georgia and to the girl of their high school dreams: Annie Dalton.

Biker Mitch Rodriquez has been Annie’s on again off again lover for the past 15 years. He is also the half -brother of Marcus Anders. In trying to protect Annie, he inadvertently brings danger into her life.

Passions are ignited, secrets unravel, trusts are broken, and lives are changed forever.

A Sweet Things Story

Dean Thomas grew up in a homophobic family. He has spent his adult life hiding who he is. Now he's ready for a new start in a new town.

Jesse James Dalton gave his heart away and had it broken. But when he walks into his twin sister's bakery, Sweet Things, and sees the town’s new veterinarian, his heart gets a jolt.

Is it enough to let go of the past and try again?

   *★* Now Live *★*

Faith's New Release
Book 1 of 
Samuel Dexter's Story


What do you do when you have no memories of your life except the one moment that took everything away? 

My name is Dex and I'm a Marine. Somewhere in the horrors of the sand overseas, an explosion took out not only most of my unit but also my memories of everything that happened before that day. When my memories don’t return, the explosion also ends my career in the military. That one moment costs me everything. 

Starting from scratch sucks. I don’t even know what foods I like or what types of music I listen to. Am I a boxer or briefs man? Do I like women or men? I also have to figure out what I’m going to do with my life from this point on. 

While adjusting to my new life, I start seeing things -- things that no one else can see. I think that maybe my head injury caused more than amnesia. When one of my "visions" won't leave me alone, I have no choice but to believe in ghosts. 

Along with the ghosts during the day, at night I dream vividly of two men. But are these two men merely dreams, or are they memories? When one man steps through the door of my hospital room, I have the answer. This man literally tries to lead me down memory lane, culminating in a searing kiss. Too bad my brain isn't cooperating, because this man is breathtaking. 

With the help of my sassy grandmother, I begin to rebuild my life. 

I am Samuel Dexter, and this begins my story. 

WARNING: This book contains scenes that might be considered triggers for some. Sam is a Marine involved in an explosion. This book also (mildly) describes children being kidnapped in the past and their remains found later. 


Faith Gibson lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with the love of her life, and her four-legged best friends. She began writing in high school and over the years, penned many stories and poems. When her dreams continued to get crazier than the one before, she decided to keep a dream journal. Many of these night-time escapades have led to a line, a chapter, and even a complete story.

When asked what her purpose in life is, she will say to entertain the masses. Even if it’s one person at a time. When Faith isn’t hard at work on her next story, she can be found having her own concert in the shower (or car, or wherever music is playing), playing trivia while enjoying craft beer, reading, or riding her Harley.

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Interview with Sirens

1. When and why did you begin writing? 
In elementary school. I wrote poems, song lyrics, and short stories.

2. When did you first consider yourself a writer? 
When I published my first full-length story

3. Do you plot out your books on paper? Or seat of your pants? 
In the beginning of the story, I just write (pantser). When I’m getting down to the end, I write down everything that needs to happen to wrap it up.

4. Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? 
Since most of my books are paranormal, no, but I do write what I dream quite often.

5. What books have most influenced your life? 
I can’t pinpoint any one book, but several authors have shaped the way I think about writing: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Cassandra Claire, Karen Marie Moning, Kindle Alexander

6. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? 
I wish I could say I had one, but sadly, when I reached out in the beginning of my career, nobody wanted to help. Then, Kendall Grey  and Danielle Allen put together a “Pay it Forward” group of authors helping each other, so I attended the seminar and had help from a whole group of really awesome authors.

7. What book are you reading now? 
Zac’s Mulligan by Ann Lister. I had to finish my WIP because while I’m writing MM I don’t read MM, and likewise with Paranormal.

8. What are your current projects? 
Just finished The Ghost in the Mirror a MM story about a Marine who loses his memories but gains the ability to see ghosts. He goes home to Alabama and encounters a little girl ghost as well as his ex-boyfriend who he doesn’t remember. I have started Book 8 in the Stone Society (my Gargoyle shapeshifter series) titled Sin.

9. Do you see writing as a career? 
Yes, this is my full-time job.

10. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in writing? 
Listening to one set of characters at a time. I currently have 4 books started because so many characters want their story told NOW.

11. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
I would have to say Sherrilyn Kenyon. She has created such an extraordinary world in her books and I could only dream of being half the author she is.

12. Do you have any advice for other writers? 
1. Write every day, even if it’s a poem or doodling. Keep a notebook of those words that don’t make sense now, because somewhere down the road, they’re going to fit in somewhere. 
2.Hire a good editor that you trust, but remember, the story is yours.

13. Which of your books do you like the most?
That’s like asking me to choose my favorite child. I can’t.

14. Do you get nervous when you publish a book? 
Of course. I want everyone to love my books as much as I do, plus, this is how I make my living. If I don’t sell books, I don’t pay the bills.

Fun Questions: 

Favorite food? 
All of it, but if I have to choose one, pizza

Favorite time of day?  
When I’m alone with the dogs writing.

What do you do to relax? 
Read or ride my Harley

Favorite color? 

Cats or dogs? 

Favorite music genre? 
Hard rock

What questions would you like to ask your readers? 
For the sake of authors everywhere, would you please remember to post a review?