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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

C. C. Genovese

C.C. Genovese

Author & Poet

Maybe Mandy Series

Kinky Carnival Games: Maybe Mandy 1

Mandy's an average girl with a free spirit and a dirty mind. A cheating boyfriend followed by a three month dry spell has taken its toll on her and even though she's desperate for a little attention, Mandy isn't thrilled about her upcoming blind date...until she meets Braden. He'll take her to the carnival where they'll embark on a sex-charged journey like neither has ever experienced before.

Read this book and you'll never look at a Ferris wheel the same way again.
This is a novella intended for an 18+ audience. It has graphic sexual content. Buyer beware.

Margaritas by Moonlight: Maybe Mandy 2 

Mandy’s on vacation, from the job and from memories of Braden, but on foreign land a little WORK may be required. Sex on foreign soil isn’t just a game…it’s a conquest.

This novella is intended for an 18+ audience. It has graphic sexual content. Buyer beware.

Maybe Mandy 3: Slippery When Wet

Mandy's a modern woman with a wicked wit and a sexual appetite to match. You've followed along as she had sex at a carnival and got laid on foreign soil, but this time shes revisiting the past. At her 20-year high school reunion, will Miss Personality get a chance with the class hunk? Or will she settle for one of the other Senior Superlatives?

Maybe Mandy Series 
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The Edge of Reflection Series

This is a love story laced with maniacs and monsters. 


Twisted Mirrors: 
The Edge of Reflection Book 1

Have you ever been pushed so close to the edge that you think you might do something violent to yourself or someone else? When Gabe finds out his fiance is cheating on him, he just can't take it anymore. But his image on the other side of the mirror, Cutter, loves him some evil revenge. Suddenly, Gabe finds himself trapped on the dark side of the mirror, having accidentally unleashed Cutter to wreak havoc on his peaceful world. Now, it's a race against the clock to get back to his world and put an end to the madness. But first Gabe must survive the Twisted Mirror world.

Figments of Fear
The Edge of Reflection 2

Gabe is closer to catching up to his sadistic doppelganger, Cutter, but in a dark mirror world, it seems everyone and everything is hell-bent on stopping him. With demons, horrific creatures, and violent criminals lurking around every corner, Gabe finds that his friends and the woman he's falling in love with are paying a dangerous price.

Seed of Sin
The Edge of Reflection 3

Gabe and Lisa escape to the Blue Capped Mountains, one of the few peaceful places on the dark side of the mirror. In a world where children don't exist, a pregnant mother can be quite valuable, and her baby? Priceless. Can Gabe and his new friends protect the woman he loves and the child in her womb?

The Fractured Fallen
The Edge of Reflection 4

On the run from ruthless outlaws and sadistic soldiers, Gabe and his new friends take Lisa and her babies to the dark mirror version of Chicago to seek the one supernatural seer who might be able to tell them where to go for safety. But in a desolate city full of desperate wackos, survival isn't all that easy. And then there are those pesky dark side assassins hot on their trail.

The Edge of Reflection Series 
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Daughters of Venus Series

The Trouble with Three Husbands: 
Daughters of Venus Book 1

In a future where female children are rare, some of the remaining women have established a female-supreme religion, where they can each take up to three husbands. Life in the Daughters of Venus community is good, unlike in the lowlands where the Venenum hunt women for sport. Lauren is one of the Original Seven, but how can she help lead this lady-supreme compound if she can't control her own home? You see, the trouble with three husbands is sometimes you kinda want four.

This book is meant for readers 18 or older and contains graphic sexual content. Buyer beware.

The Trouble with Virgins: 
Daughters of Venus Book 2

In a future where female children are rare, some of the remaining women have established a female-supreme religion, where they can each take up to three husbands. Life in the Daughters of Venus community is good, unlike in the lowlands where the Venenum hunt women for sport.

The second book in this series finds Jessica turning eighteen and male suitors lining up for a crack at being one of her fellows. With trouble brewing at the bottom of the mountain, Jessica has to figure out how to juggle both her longing to become a respected Dove with her hunger for sexual pleasure.The trouble with virgins is sometimes they have an insatiable appetite.

This book is meant for readers 18 or older and contains graphic sexual content. Buyer beware.

Daughters of Venus Series
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The 2nd Person Romantic Shorts
Perfect quick bedtime short reads
 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯  HOT πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Or as I like to call them Masturbation Companions! 

I can’t personally walk anyone through a masturbation session but this is about as close as it gets since it’s written in 2nd person point of view, meaning it’s me talking directly to you, making you the star of your own erotic fantasy. I hope you like it and I hope it makes your legs shake a little.  

Dear reader, you’re going to need to stop reading in just a second and think of your favorite book cover model. Does he have tattoos? Is he bearded? Does he have long or short hair? What color are his eyes? Do you know his name? Now close your eyes for a second and imagine him. Imagine the sexual faces he makes and the sounds he might make when he f***s. 

Did you do it? 

Good. You’ll need to keep him in mind as I walk you through this masturbation session. You’ll also need to have your toys ready, your batteries charged, your fingers moistened, and your door locked. We don’t want any unexpected interruptions. 

Now, open your mind, suspend all cynicism, and step outside of your reality. This is a story written in second-person point of view, making you the erotica star. Let me make you come.

  The 2nd Person Romantic Shorts
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Chris the Poet

Just the Tip: 
The Erotic Poetry of C.C. Genovese


Going Deeper: 
The Erotic Poetry of C.C. Genovese

Short and sensual stories told in poetic style. This is the second book of poetry by author C.C. Genovese (Chris C. Genovese). All rhyming, all sexual, all panty-wetting hot. 

Book 1 just the tip was put in.  Book 2 he's going deeper.



Wolves Love Red: 
A Shifter Romance Short  

Red drove me crazy. Being in a state of constant arousal is quite typical for me, but something about her made me throb.  I’m sorry, I’m not making sense. Let me tell you about my obsession and the day things got out of hand.

This isn't a story of Red Riding, this is a wolf's tale. This is my tale. 

C.C. Genovese takes the genres you love and sets them on fire. This is a short shifter romance full of wild and naughty fun. This wolf's hungry and Red is what he wants to eat.

Purchase Link:

Diablo Snuff: A Foreign Evil: 
An Erotic Horror

"Let me tell you about the night I experienced true evil. It started with a gaze. She was eye fucking the shit out of me." 

Michael is at the tail end of his bachelor party vacation with his buddies and has had enough of all the gambling and flirtatious prostitutes. Then he meets Isabelle, a foreigner herself, and Michael is smitten. But even evil can come in a beautiful package. 


Redgrave: An Erotic Horror

Sandra Sikes is a young woman trying to prove herself in a man's military. When she volunteers to work a confinement post nobody else wants, she finds herself locked in an abandoned building with only her hot coworker guarding the second floor, and a psychopath locked in a cell. This will be the longest and most horrific night of her life. 



Checking Him Out: 
A Single Mother's Workplace Romance 

A single mother can be hectic and lonely. Rarely is it considered sexy. For single mom, Gina, pulling doubles at a supermarket cash register is no fun at all. But good times can come in mysterious packages, especially when Mr. Connor has a package like that. 

This novella is intended for an 18+ audience. It has graphic sexual content. Buyer beware. 

A Climax for Christmas

Sex, love, and Santa Claus. The Saint Nick you all know and love is about to be stripped naked. From the loss of his wives to the discovery of new ones, come with an open mind and meet the real Santa. He's romantic, funny, horny, and just trying to find a Mrs. Claus who can love him wholeheartedly and fulfill his jollies. 



BabyJane40 runs an online chat group. When a member suggests some of them meet up for real, in a pitch black hotel room, Jane can't pass up the chance to finally meet author Mud Studly in person...and she wants nothing more than to get a little Mud in her mouth. 

This novella is intended for an 18+ audience. It has graphic sexual content. Buyer beware

Amazon Universal Link: 

Get to know
C.C. Genovese

C. C. Genovese is a male romance and erotica author who often writes from the female perspective. He has a passion for writing sensual tales that take the average woman (or man) and place them in erotic positions. Life isn't prude so why should we be? If you're under the age of 18, or if you get offended easily, please don't purchase these books. If you're ready to be entertained, aroused, and brought to emotional climax then please do.

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For other formats check me out on Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/ccgenovese

Social Media Links:

Also check out C.C.'s website at http://www.eroticmayberry.com where you can get up to date info on C.C.'s books, see dirty pics, and even read FREE Maybe Mandy diary entries. 

Interview with Sirens:

1. When and why did you begin writing?
I began writing on accident really. I’d just learned to type in high school and I became addicted to typing without looking. On the way to football games I’d pretend to type out stories on the seat in front of me. Yeah, I know, I’m a dork. It wasn’t until a trip to my grandfather’s house in Oklahoma that I realized I had a desire to write. While my dad and brother were out fishing, I stayed in the house to rest. That’s when I found my grandpa’s old typewriter hidden under a sheet in the back bedroom. I started playing around with that typewriter and soon after I had the first couple chapters to my first YA book. It sucked. I thought I was the next S.E. Hinton so my story was filled with drama. It was about a new guy in school who all the girls liked and all the guys wanted to fight. I tossed it into the trash a few years ago.

2. When did you first consider yourself a writer? 
I’ m still working on that. I’m a writer. I know that now. Writers write and I just can’t stop writing. I’m always scribbling in notebooks or typing ideas into my phone. I’m feeling more like a writer now that people are buying my books and leaving reviews, but I always joke that I won’t feel like a successful writer until I’m sitting on that chair next to Ellen. When I’m on the Ellen Degeneres show, I’ll know I’m doing okay.

3. Do you plot your books on paper? Or seat of your pants?
I’m definitely a “seat of your pants” writer. I never know how my stories will end. I’m getting better at taking notes though. I use the Evernote app or just the memo pad on my phone a lot. I’m also crazy about index cards. I love index cards for some reason. They’re all over my house. Lately, I’ve been doing very short, loose, sloppy outlines but even with that outline, things change so much. My stories never work out the way I think they will.

4. Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
I write erotica or very graphic romance I should say. I’m trying to stay away from that erotica word because my stuff has lots of sex but it’s driven by the story. It’s not straight up porn. I’ve read some stories that were more like a porn script. Pizza man knocks on the door, forgot his pizza, she invites him in anyway…you know how it goes. So, back to your question, I’ve tried some of the stuff in my books and some of it is based on experiences, but most of it is purely fiction. I’ve never had sex on a Ferris wheel, but I so wanna try that!

5. What books have most influenced your life? 
Honestly? Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. I’ll never forget I was on my way to a wedding when I was maybe five years old. My parents stopped at a 7-11 or Quick Trip probably since we were in Tulsa. I guess they didn’t want me to drive them crazy at the wedding so they bought a copy of Green Eggs and Ham. Dr. Seuss was a genius. Then I discovered Shel Silverstein and my mind was blown. As far as actually influencing my life, I guess I’d have to add The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. That’s the book that taught me novels could be cool. They weren’t just the boring old stories teachers made you read just because people had been reading them for years and years. I read every book S.E. Hinton wrote. I’ve always liked books though. Still, any time I walk into a book store or a library, I feel like I’m home. The smell of the books, the peace and tranquility, there’s nothing else like it.

6. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
I think I’d have to say Donna Hunter, who is a YA and paranormal writer (under a different name). I don’t want to mention her pen name since I’m promoting works of erotica. But she’s such an amazing friend and so freaking talented. Talent oozes from her pores. She likes to dare me to write. She dared me to try erotica and has recently started convincing me to try other genres. She knows what she’s talking about and is always available to offer advice, to help me with book covers, and to push me in the right direction. She really is a mentor.

7. What book are you reading now?
Right now I’m reading a few books. Someone told me to check out Kit Rocha so I’m reading Beyond Shame and I have to tell you, that’s a damn good book so far. I don’t usually read erotica. I spend most of my time in a state of arousal when writing, so when I’m reading, that’s the time to give my dick a break if you know what I mean. But her book is really good. I’m also reading Shadow’s Edge from Brent Weeks’ Night Angel Trilogy. I love dark fantasy but without the ogres and elves and stuff. I like Game of Thrones and stories like that, with alternate worlds. Kind of like my Edge of Reflection series. Speaking of, I’ve been reading through my 4th book in my The Edge of Reflection series, called The Fractured Fallen. I’m trying to figure out when to publish it. It’ll be soon. I just have to decide whether or not I’m doing a big FB event for it. If you like lots of action, supernatural creatures, and wild characters, you have to check out this series. You’ll love it. Most of the people reading it really like it. It’s just difficult getting people to try something different from the usual erotica.

8. What are your current projects?
Damn, got ahead of myself. Ok, well I just mentioned The Fractured Fallen, which is book 4 in my dark fantasy series, The Edge of Reflection. It’s my favorite in the series so far. It’s wild.
Other than that, I’m working on The Trouble with Twins, book 3 in my Daughters of Venus dystopian sci-fi erotica/romance.  Also, I’m considering doing a special project with my Maybe Mandy series. I can’t say much about it yet because I’m not 100% sure I’m going to do it. But I’m searching for good cover photos for the project now. I like having a cover ready before I write. It kind of inspires me. I also have a bunch of erotic horrors I’m working on.  And, yes, I’m still writing my Welcome to Erotic Mayberry book. That book is going to be the hottest of all I’ve written. I got hard just working on one of those loose outlines I mentioned.

9. Do you see writing as a career?
I hope it will be. I’m trying so hard. I’d love nothing more than to abandon my day job and write full time. It’s my dream, as it is for most authors, to devote all my free time to this. I want to lock myself in my cave for eight hours a day and just write.

10. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in writing? 
It’s not the writing I find challenging. It’s everything else! Social media and marketing and cover creating and all that stuff takes up so much time. Most people don’t realize that the amount of time we spend answering private messages in FB takes time away from writing. I love my friends/fans/readers. I really do and I try my best to be entertaining at takeovers and stuff like that. But I do wish I had more time to write. So I’m hoping to find a better balance soon.

11. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
I have two and for completely different reasons. I love Stephen King because the man is a genius and is so great about sharing advice. His book “On Writing” is something all writers should take a look at. The amount of books and short stories he’s able to churn out is just insane! In my opinion, he writes some of the best dialogue out there. It seems so real. George R.R. Martin is my other favorite writer. His character development is the stuff of legend. When you’re reading his books, you love the bad guys almost as much as you love the good guys. Oh, and I can’t forget Dr. Seuss!!!!

12. Do you have any advice from other writers?
Yes, keep writing. Don’t let anything make you stop. I’m not the greatest writer, I’ll be the first to admit that. I think I’m a damn good story teller though. Criticism is going to come at you from all directions. Some of it is helpful, most of it isn’t. Take what you can learn from and say fuck the rest. Also, never respond to reviews. If you get a negative one, no matter how unfair it seems, I’ve learned it can only hurt you to mention it or respond. I’ve had reviews that have very little to do with my book. Mostly just opinions on silly stuff. But the second I responded, I became the bad guy. It is definitely unfair but it is what it is. You have to learn to put yourself out there, button up your bullet proof vest, and charge forward.

13. Which of your books do you like the most?
Wow. Well, my The Edge of Reflection series is my baby. That’s the first series I started. This new one is awesome and I don’t even know where the series is going from here but I’m excited to find out. Redgrave, an erotic horror, is another of my favorites. Of course, my Maybe Mandy series was my first in erotica so that’s up there too.

14. Do you get nervous when you publish a book?
Not anymore. I used to. And I used to get nervous before takeovers. I’d sit glued to the screen an hour before my start time, just waiting in nervous anticipation. Now, I’m relaxed and just ready to chat and play games. I will be nervous for my first real singing in New Orleans in May of 2017. If you want to come see my hand shake while I sign books, you should check out the Naughty in New Orleans page for info on that event: https://www.facebook.com/groups/588618604583013/ The after party should be nuts!

Fun questions: 

Favorite food?
I’m a sucker for macaroni & cheese, biscuits & gravy, most foods with an ampersand. Usually when I’m cooking it’ll be something Italian. I love chicken parmesan and lasagna and baked ziti. Mmm. Oh, and if there’s a banana anywhere around me, I’m gonna eat it. I love bananas. Oh and Mexican food. Chicken enchiladas rock. Damn, I’m getting hungry.

Favorite time of the day? 
I don’t really have a favorite time of the day. When I was in the military I loved working the night shift. So I guess I’m more of a night owl. I love stormy days. Most people love bright, sunny days, but not me. I’d rather sit and watch scary movies with my family while it storms outside.

What do you do to relax?
I don’t, lol. I can’t seem to relax anymore. I do love to read before falling asleep. Oh, ok, I guess my favorite thing to do to relax is sit in a hot shower. But I have to be sitting. I like to sit down, and just drown myself in piping hot water.

Favorite color? 
Royal blue.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs. But we have kind of adopted this street rat. I live in Central America right now and we can’t really have a pet where we live, but we put food out for this little cat. We let her in the house sometimes and I’m growing quite fond of her. We named her Pepper. I might just have to sneak her in for good.

Favorite music genre? 
When I’m writing I love listening to movie scores or new age or haunting kind of music. The depressing shit, lol. I have an awesome playlist for writing. When I’m in the car or when I’m in a beer drinking mood, it’s usually country music. I love country music. I listen to everything though. I have all kinds of mixes. I grew up mostly listening to rap and r&b. I love rock too, especially when I need to get inspired to write. I don’t think I’ve answered your question at all, lol.

What questions would you like to ask your readers?
Is there anything you’re missing in erotica/romance?
Or in books in general?
What’s not being written?
Also, since I love writing erotic horror, I love asking what fears people have. I’m working on a clown erotic horror.


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