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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Sleeping Serpent

Author Spotlight


50 Shades meets Gone Girl in this immensely erotic, deliciously dark, and psychologically twisted new novel

Whether by free will or fate, Luna’s encounter with Nico provokes a storm that shatters her perceptions of identity, duty, morality, and self-worth. The storm didn’t blow in from the outside. She was the storm. Its turbulence within her, forcing her to confront the darkness, uncovers her secrets and her pain.

Book Description 

Luna Saint Claire has a loving husband and an enviable career as a Hollywood costume designer. Still, something is gnawing at her. Bored with her conventional and circumscribed existence, she feels herself becoming invisible. When she meets Nico Romero, a charismatic yoga guru, his attentions awaken her passions and desires. Dangerous, but not in a way that scares her, he makes her feel as if anything is possible. Infatuated, she becomes entangled in Nico’s life as he uses his mesmerizing sexuality to manipulate everyone around him in his pursuit of women, wealth, and celebrity.
Immensely erotic and psychologically captivating, The Sleeping Serpent is the compelling story of a woman’s obsession with a spellbinding guru and the struggle to reclaim her life. At its heart, it is a painfully beautiful exposition of unconditional love that makes us question what we truly want.
Luna Saint Claire is a costume designer and author residing in Los Angeles with her husband, a philosophy professor. She loves blues rock and Indie music, often setting her Pandora station to Damien Rice. Her personal style can best be described as eclectic bohemian. Though she now enjoys running and yoga, she spent years of her youth in the ballet studio. Her part Native American heritage informs her work as a designer and influences her storytelling.

Review by Kathy

Let me start by saying that this isn't my normal read, but I was offered this book in order to give an honest review. I have to say that when I began reading this book that found it slow going, however that changed as the book progressed and I moved deeper and deeper into the book as well as the psyche of the characters. Not only narcissistic sociopathic Nico, but the psyche's of the women who he "charmed" and manipulated to do his bidding, keeping them on his emotional rollercoaster ride, plying them with the words they want and need, seducing them with his words and body. This book is very well written. From the description of the scene to the extremely hot and sometimes graphic sex scenes. It was an amazing look not only into the mind of Nico, but also into the minds of the women he charmed and seduced with his healing powers through yoga. And not just any woman. Smart, beautiful, successful women who had what HE needed to make HIS dreams come true. If you like a darker read and are not concerned with the conventional HEA, then this book is definitely for you and I highly recommend it.

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