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Friday, July 22, 2016

Special Forces Series


 Debuting on July 21st, 2016, the characters you have come to love in the SEAL of Protection and Delta Force Heroes Series' will be showcased in their very own Kindle World! Special Forces: Operation Alpha is an amazing world where you can read about Wolf, Abe, Cookie, Mozart, Dude, Benny & Tex, (SEALS) and Ghost, Fletch, Coach, Hollywood, Beatle, Blade & Truck (Deltas) in OTHER authors' books. So, what authors will be writing in the Special Forces Kindle World?
A BROAD range of authors, but that's how I wanted it! The stories will be paranormal, suspense, contemporary, erotic, military, NA/YA and even M/M!
So it's okay if something doesn't appeal to you...there are a lot of others you can choose from...but of course I hope you'll give them all a shot!

Anne Conley

Redemption for Misty Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



A year ago Misty was kidnapped and left for dead in the floor of a dirty garage, when she was saved by the guys from Pierce Security. Since then, she’s been living with her brother to save money, while working to build up business for her coffee shop that donates proceeds to victims of violent crimes against women. But it’s a struggle.

When her over protective brother goes out of town, he leaves his Army buddy Chris, AKA, Casanova to stay with her, with explicit instructions to just keep her safe, not to get into her panties. But his heart has other plans. Chris has been in love with Misty’s picture for years. With the strong need to protect also comes overwhelming feelings of desire.
But things change when the mysterious ‘Ghost’, a regular at her shop, comes in hinting about some unseen danger. Chris and Misty learn promises are meant to be broken and consequences are worth accepting when danger threatens what you love the most.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29Ybkpn


Desiree Holt

Protecting Maddie Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



Levi “Hawkeye” St. John was losing his mind suffering enforced medial leave from his Delta Force team. He hated being out of the action, but a torn muscle in his thigh made him unfit for action. He assures his commanding officer he’s fine but without medical clearance he’s stuck.

Maddie Winslow became the face of courage when she talked a student out of his gun in a classroom confrontation. Her actions made her a heroine, but also plastered her face all over television and the Internet. A face that was a carbon copy of her mother’s. A face that drew the attention of mob boss Vince Ciotto. Twenty-five years ago Maddie’s parents were whisked away to WitSec after their testimony sent Carlo Ciotto to jail. Now Ciotto’s son is after Maddie. Their goal? To force her to tell where her parents are.

Frightened, with little help coming from the police, Maddie agrees to let Gretchen call her cousin who is in Delta Force at Fort Hood. Ghost can’t leave the base but, it just so happens he had someone available, and right in Tampa. Levi “Hawkeye” St. John.
Levi is grateful for anything that will get him off his ass, although he’s not sure Maddie is in as much danger as Gretchen seems to think. Hawkeye calls his friend, Grey Holden, head of The Omega Team, who has his computer ace dig deep into Maddie’s life to find the reason for the incidents. Now he has to protect her from a mob boss, get protection for her parents, and do all this while fighting a blazing attraction for the woman, an attraction that threatens to incinerate them every time they are in the same room together.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29WX6LC

Elle Christensen

Finding Ayva Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



Drake Foster followed in the footsteps of his parents, joining The Fae Guard to serve and protect. With his reputation as a lethal and superior tracker, it comes as no surprise when he is called to locate an abducted young woman. However, this is no ordinary human, Éibhleann “Ayva” O’Brien is half Fae and unaware of her heritage.

But, her twenty-first birthday is fast approaching, the day she will become marked and gain her abilities. From the moment he hears her name, Drake knows she is meant to be his for eternity. He’ll stop at nothing to find her.

With the help of Ayva’s human father, a retired SEAL, and his contacts, Drake hunts the people who have stolen her away. The clock is ticking and they have no idea what danger she will face from her captors if she is exposed. Once Drake finds her, he’ll protect her from danger until she is of age and able to cross into the Fae realm. But, will that be time enough to make her fall in love with him?

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/2ac0TBm

Elle James

Cowboy D-Force Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



Fresh out of the military, John Wayne “Duke” Morrison is back in his home state of Montana, starting a new job in the Brotherhood Protectors security service. First assignment, protect film star and diva Lena Love from a stalker leaving her threatening messages. After fighting terrorists in the Middle East, Duke assumes this assignment will be a walk in the park.

Angel Carson, lovingly known as “The Angel of Death”, is a woman with a death wish. Her main claim to fame is her uncanny resemblance to Lena Love. Prior military, she’s seen combat, lost friends and now works as the stunt woman for the mega-star. When Miss Love is threatened, Angel steps in as bait to draw out the stalker on the diva’s 6,000-acre ranch in the foothills of the Crazy Mountains. To cover Angel’s back, Lena has engaged a bodyguard to watch her six and be there when the stalker reveals himself.

Unable to tell Duke she isn’t the real Lena, Angel must perform like a diva. As the stalker closes in, she reluctantly accepts Duke’s help to stay alive. In forced proximity, tempers and passions ignite, leaving Duke and Angel struggling to resist an irresistible attraction while alluding the stalker’s predatory game. When the stalker becomes the predator, the power of Delta Force brotherhood becomes a force to reckon with.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29OPfhU

Gennita Low

No Protection Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



Liam McMillan, independent securities contractor, has taken a job to meet with and accompany an embedded journalist at the Iraqi-Syrian border checkpoint. Using his old SEAL connections, he catches a ride with a SEAL fire team. It's supposed to be a quick, easy job. Things get complicated when the team is hit by enemy snipers and his assignment, Fitz, turns out to be a woman.

Ella Fitzgerald is on assignment as an embedded journalist with the women Peshmerga fighters. She wants to write about the strong women who have decided to fight in place of the many men who had left their country. Ella certainly hasn't expected to be picking up a weapon to do battle herself.

Liam has left the SEALs years ago and has sworn off teaming up with anyone. Now, fighting to save his friends lives, he's discovering there is no protection from the past and with a woman strong enough to fight beside him, certainly none for his heart.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29YXUN2

Jordan Dane

Redemption for Avery Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



When he sleeps, the hunt begins.
FBI Profiler Ryker Townsend is a rising star in Quantico’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, but his dark secret could cost him his career. When he sleeps, he has visions of his next case. He sees through the eyes of the dead, the last images imprinted on their retinas. His nightmares are riddled with clues he must decipher to hunt humanity’s Great White Shark—the serial killer.

While he’s investigating the shocking slaughter of a seventeen-year old girl at Big Bear Lake, the tormented soul of another dead child appears to him in broad daylight. Twelve-year old Avery Reed reaches out to Ryker—a disheveled and haunted girl, unable to speak—held earthbound out of love for her grief-stricken brother, Sam. Avery’s presence draws Ryker into a sinister conspiracy and she has a desperate message for her brother, if she can make Ryker understand.

Navy SEAL Sam “Mozart” Reed has been haunted by the brutal death of his little sister Avery when Sam was only fifteen-years old. He vowed to seek and destroy the killer who splintered his family, wiping out everything he’d ever known. Nineteen years later, his darkest wish came true when he found Hurst, her alleged killer, and stopped him from murdering one last time. But when Mozart learns the FBI has reopened Avery’s case, he fears the worst. His SEAL team may have ended the carnage of a serial killer years ago, but for the first time, Mozart has doubts that Hurst was the man who took Avery’s life. A heartless predator is still butchering young girls. Mozart’s worst nightmare is back with a cruel vengeance.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29YbrkM

Kathy Ivan

Saving Sarah Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



Haunted by memories of war and strangely prophetic dreams, Gaston "Ranger" Boudreau spends his time alone in the Louisiana bayou he calls home. When fellow SEAL, Matthew "Wolf" Steel calls in a favor, Ranger can't refuse—a Boudreau always pays his debts.

Writer Sarah Sloane is in New Orleans on a mission, to find her missing sister. Unsure what she'll uncover, she needs somebody who knows the city—but more, she needs a bodyguard who can keep her safe. One sexy former Navy SEAL might be just the person for the job.
As Ranger's dreams evolve, the dangerous search for Sarah's sister becomes a race against the clock. Can they find her before it's too late, or will their quest cost more than one life?

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29YYkmQ

Kori David

Rescuing Pandora Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



Pandora Jones is an all-American girl. Serving her country as an ambassador’s Arabic speaking attaché in Iraq, she works hard and travels the world. Until a car bombing kills her employer and leaves her fighting for her life in a country where the customs and traditions treat women radically different. Now, Pandora has information to help bring down a member of ISIS in exchange for passage back home, and the only person who can help her is a ghost from the past.

Cameron “Phantom” Caffee is CIA, an undercover operative stationed in Iraq. His goal—bring down the terrorist organization responsible for destroying his life, and ending his career as an Army Delta Force soldier. When he gets the chance to exchange asylum for valuable intel on ISIS bases, he jumps at the opportunity to finally have his revenge. But when Cam discovers his asset is a woman he thought long dead, the game changes. He joins forces with a deadly Delta Force team to rescue the woman he never stopped loving, and try to get them out of the country before ISIS can destroy them all.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29WXgmh

Lainey Reese

Protecting New York Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



When New York is under attack, a Navy SEAL, a group of Doms and their feisty subs are there to save the day.

Navy SEAL Faulkner 'Dude' Cooper and his wife Cheyenne are in New York City for a working holiday, attending lectures at police conference. On the first day in town, Dude is introduced to Detective Brice Marshall and his tighknit cycle of friends, which opens the door to things Dude has been itching to explore with Cheyenne.

Namely, his urge to be Dominant, and Cheyenne's beguiling interest in the BDSM lifestyle.
Armed with the best escorts they could ask for, Dude and Cheyenne decide to dedicate their nights to exploring local BDSM clubs, delving deeper into their intense relationship and broaching heretofore uncharted emotional tides.

But when ghosts from their past infringe upon their present and threaten their personal paradise, Dude and Cheyenne must rely on the help of friends, new and old, to keep from losing what matters most—each other.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29OPl93

Leigh Carman

Freeing Falcon Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



Falcon Wilde, A-lister and Academy Award winning actor, is in trouble. Big trouble. Tangling with the mafia to study for a role turns out to be a little less fun and way more “realistic” than the actor imagined. After seeing more than he should, he's locked in a cell in the basement of the Mafioso’s New Jersey mansion. There, Falcon realizes he isn't in Hollywood and there's a real possibility he might not make it out alive.

Tucker Connelly, former CIA analyst and one-time world champion in Kyokushin karate, works at a mercenary for hire company disguised as a martial arts training facility. Socially awkward and deemed “rude” by nearly everyone he comes in contact with, Tucker is content to avoid people. He prefers to stay behind, running the computer room at the facility and hacking into terrorist organizations systems.

When Tucker’s boss decides it’s time for the young mercenary to dust off his rusty field skills by sending him to rescue the missing actor, Tucker is disgusted at having to do the menial task and calls on his old friend Tex to help out. Babysitting rich idiots isn’t his job. But when Tucker finally meets the stunning and seriously spoiled Falcon, he realizes maybe this mission isn't so bad.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29WXjyl

Lindsay Cross

Aaron’s Honor Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



As a Special Forces operative, Aaron Spears treated relationships like Tangos. He’d seen the wreckage of his Task Force brothers' attempts and had no desire to put any woman through the hardship. He had one purpose – serve his country and protect his teammates. Then Celine Latimer walked into his life and turned his world upside down.

Celine Latimer thought she’d hit the jackpot when hunky SF operative Aaron Spears asked her to accompany him to the high-profile wedding of Senator Cotter’s daughter. They’d get to spend two weeks together while Aaron pulled guard duty for Caroline Cotter and Celine intended to use every spare minute, seducing the man she’d had a crush on for over a year.

The time and place proved to be more of a barrier than either of them realized. With his commander watching his every move, Aaron couldn’t afford to show any weakness. That meant ignoring Celine.
Rejected and hurt, Celine packed to leave only to be caught in a kidnapping plot against the Senator. Here she sat, in a hut in the Middle East, waiting on a rescue that may never come.
He'd sworn to protect and he'd failed. Now Aaron lived for one purpose- to rescue the woman he lost before she’s sold into slavery and spend the rest of his life making her see how much he loves her.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29OP5XN

Liz Crowe

Marking Mariah Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



When a severe concussion sustained on a mission freeing hostages in Egypt equals a discharge for one-time soccer super star, Terrance "Trigger" O'Leary, he spends a year drunk, high, and in more strange beds than even he is willing to admit.

After wandering back home to Lucasville, Kentucky he's hired by his old friend, now the principal of the local high school. Honestly believing that his new job as soccer coach & PE teacher will be all he needs to "fix" himself, he launches into the effort of leaving everything about his old life behind him.
It works…for a while. Until a chance encounter at a karaoke bar turns into a smoking hot hook-up with a woman whose deep mocha skin and hypnotic singing voice turn him inside out.

A woman he's a little surprised to meet again the next day at school—Mariah Bailey, recent winner of "Singers"--a national talent competition...and newly hired head of the music department.

When terrifying, inexplicable violence rips the sleepy community apart, Trigger is forced back into action--where he must accept his feelings about Mariah --and the fact that he can't always save the day.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/2a3Fvza

Magan Vernon

Protecting Us Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



Calder "Doc" Thompson spent his whole life preparing to be an Undersea Medical Officer for the United States Navy. When an IED took out both of his legs, he was left with a pair of prosthetics and a job he hated at the local university Student Health Services.

Ready to drown it all, he headed to Ace's Bar and Grill where he met Maya Halliwell, the beautiful new bartender with a secret. A secret that has kept her away from the water for the last four years.
Until she watches Calder step into the water and never come up.

Now both of their lives are unraveling and the only way they're able to stay afloat is if they protect each other.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/2ac0U8u

Maryann Jordan

Protecting Love Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



Saints Protection & Investigations
A private investigation business, pulling together men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALS, and police, devoted to the missions no one else wants or can solve.

Patrick Cartwright only had two more months in the Army and then planned to return to Virginia. A new job with the Saints awaited and a chance to be near family. Falling in love, while still in California, was not his intention.

Evie Sinclair, raised an Army brat with more relocations under her belt than she could remember, had no desire to move again. She was settled and planned on staying that way. Falling for a soldier did not fit into her plans.

But as they investigated the theft of military equipment from Evie’s company to Patrick’s base, they searched for the truth, while Evie tried to protect her heart. When Evie is threatened, Patrick rushes to save her, vowing to protect her at all costs.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29QpIRD

MJ Nightingale

Protecting Beauty

Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



John “Tex” Keegan thought his Clearwater vacation would be nothing but smooth sailing, cocktails, and baby making with his wife, Melody. Then just a few days into his belated honeymoon, the past hurtles to the present to haunt him. Tex is taken to a dark place, to a time before he lost his leg, to the time before he became a Navy Seal. The time when a raven haired Beauty suffered on his watch. And she wasn't alone. There were others. So many needless victims on his watch.

Catarina Marino has moved on with her life. Orphaned, a ward of the state, kidnapped, a sex slave, and preyed upon by a serial killer, she has been to hell and back. Though she survived it all, her past may threaten her future once more. What will happen when these two worlds collide? Retired Navy Seal, and former FBI agent Tex Keegan will come across his first case, the case that soured him on the slow wheels of justice, and tortured him for over a decade, making him the man he has become. Living through it again is something he never wanted to do. But he may have no choice.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/2a3FxXY

Rochelle Paige

Protection Crisis

Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



A shy movie star...
Chloe Porter wasn’t prepared for her meteoric rise to fame. Raised by her grandmother after her parents died, her sheltered upbringing is a far cry from the celebrity lifestyle she’s expected to live when she wins an Oscar for her first movie role.

A former Navy SEAL…
The ink on Kael Stewart’s Navy separation papers is barely dry. The last thing he wants to do is babysit a spoiled movie star, but he can’t say no when his grandfather asks him for a favor.

And a crazed stalker…
Kael has to find Chloe before he can protect her. Scared for her life, she’s dropped out of sight in the hope that her obsessed fan will lose interest. Sparks fly when he hunts Chloe down, and Kael quickly discovers he has something in common with her stalker—an obsession with the beautiful actress. Lead to a love worth protecting.

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29OQfT6

Shauna Allen

Awakening Aubrey Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World



First love has never been so perfect . . . or so dangerous.
Jude Cortez is a proud soldier, a warrior who protects what he believes in and will fight to the death for what he wants. No Regrets is his life motto. Just as he’s embarking on the biggest mission of his life, he finds the one girl who’s worth giving it all up for . . . Aubrey Clemson is a proud tomboy, a fighter who will do anything to make her dreams come true. Life is to be lived and tasted and savored, and she wants it all. In an unexpected twist of fate, she’s brought along on a work trip that turns into the ride of her life.
When love at first sight turns into sexy nights, hard choices, and a life or death mission, will Jude and Aubrey fight for each other or let their future die?

Buy links:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/29OPvxt

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