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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dangerous Desire

By #SebastianEx (18+)
My name is Brandon Edwards. Men like me don’t come along often. I’m a gentleman, a lover, a protector, and a Dominant. I’ve never been the type who can – or even wants to – commit to a woman…until I met Penny a couple of years ago. Since then, we've been in a committed relationship. I adore and cherish her.
Penny has a darkness inside her, a yearning for extreme pain. But I don’t want that for her, nor can I give her what she’s so desperate for. Her craving has led her down risky paths, and it’s my job to keep her off those now.
There’s a dangerous desire lurking within all of us. But when does wanting more become too much?
Filthy Desire - Where it all Began: http://mybook.to/FilthyDesire
Dangerous Desire - The Club Continues: http://mybook.to/DangerousDesire
Carnal Desire - The Final Chapter: http://mybook.to/CarnalDesire-SebastianEx
Desired: Epilogue - The couples are All together Again: http://mybook.to/DesiredSebastianEx
Follow Sebastian Ex at Amazon:http://author.to/SebastianEx
Website: www.sebastianex.com

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